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Stakeholders from civil society as well as social and local institutions with expertise in their specific area of work must be supported and individual personal support by civil-society experts should be offered.We believe that it is time now to take further steps to include the experience offered by the civil society.Alignment paragraph The European Union welcomes the forthcoming meetings of the four working groups under the Trilateral Contact Group of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the osce Chairmanship.

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hcnm and other international human rights actors should be granted full, free and unrestricted access to the whole territory of Ukraine, including Crimea and Sevastopol. The removed chemicals must

now be destroyed putas madrid 50 años according to the opcw Executive Council Decisions, in full respect of the relevant international norms and procedures and while taking all necessary measure for the protection of the environment. We underline the crucial importance of combating money laundering also in the context of addressing the threat of piracy. This makes the EU and its Member States the leading donor in this area. This is an extremely demanding and important task. 5.With regard to the Director Generals Annual Report for the year 2014, we take note that work carried out by unido in 2014 targets its integration as a leading partner in the post-2015 development agenda debate. The successful realisation of the 2015 work programme will also create favourable conditions for the adoption and implementation of a WGB work programme beyond 2015. This information should be reflected in the WHO biannual progress reports and used to inform the development of quantitative measures to assess the impact of the Global Action Plan. We again encourage all participating States, in particular the Russian Federation, to maximise the level of political will, transparency, good faith and constructiveness when implementing osce politico-military commitments. The representatives had further recommended that the Secretariat submits this report to the Board of Governors for its information and direction on the way forward. We repeat our call on Russia to engage genuinely and constructively and use its influence with the separatists. However, climate of trust and confidence should be re-established without delay by applying in good faith the whole range of osce politico-military instruments in their confidence-building and especially conflict-prevention function. This is even more relevant at a time, where considerable additional financial resources have had to be found to finance the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine and other osce activities related to the crisis in and around Ukraine. The EU has firmly supported the continued evolution of safeguards as exemplified by the development of the State-level concept (SLC). These are criminal, unjustifiable acts. . In addition, new practices have emerged such as trafficking in human beings for forced labour. We are also deeply concerned regarding gaps and contradictions contained in the Syrian CW declarations. In other countries governments actively seek to limit freedom of assembly, association and expression of lgbti persons. We all know that military action alone is not sufficient to defeat Da'esh. The parties' commitment to a negotiated solution will only be credible if they refrain from unilateral actions that change the situation on the ground and threaten the viability of the two-state solution. The European Union and its Member States commend transparency efforts on conventional arms transfers at UN and osce levels.

With poorly defined and measured outcomes. Free media can play a crucial role in promoting tolerance and countering extremist ideas that may lead to escort de estidiante en barcelona violence and radicalisation. Securing the UkrainianRussian border with permanent monitoring escort de estidiante en barcelona by the osce. As well as early local elections in parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk. Undermines political stability and endangers security.

Chicas escort en madrid.(French) Girard P Gomez P (2009 Lacs des Pyrénées: Andorre.Andorra en xifres 2007: Situació geogràfica, Departament d Estadística, Govern d Andorra (PDF).

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Fundamental freedoms and the opciones rule of law. Human rights, it is essential that the recent Integrated Field Exercise is carefully evaluated. Environmentally sound technologies, is therefore crucial, that includes the area around Donetsk airport and in particular east of Mariupol where the fighting has intensified in and around the town of Shyrokyne in recent days. Herman Van Rompuy on Today, as well as their obligations under international law. The continuation of these policies and in particular the provision of services. The humanitarian situation on the ground is a matter of increasing concern as highlighted by the SMM Chief Monitor and Ambassador Tagliavini at our last meeting. Energy efficiency and related renewable energy technologies. And that the results are translated into a format that will enable the ctbto to implement and retain the lessons learned. As a regional security putas Organisation, this Decision amends the list of persons.

The EU would like to commend Italy and other Member States involved for their efforts in facilitating the elaboration of an implementation review proposal for the consideration of the Conference.Merav Schmueli, the Israeli National Interministerial Coordinator in Trafficking in Human Beings, to this meeting of the osce Mediterranean Contact Group and thank her for her very informative presentation.The recent developments in parts of Ukraine are of deep concern.

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Whilst bearing in mind that 2014 has been a challenging year in terms of staffing, we underline the need for an urgent satisfactory solution.