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Write a report about the following things.Include the following: Title introduction headings (the three points in the question) content recommendations conclusion, example of an answer: Report on the University Website, in this report I will discuss and analyse my classmates opinions of the website and make some suggestions for improvements.

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Our university has just released the new version of its official website. Checklist Do I sound like a robot? Would you have prefered it with subtitles? Politely ask

the examiner to repeat. Things you like and things you don't like. You have recently seen an English-language film on a university trip and you have been asked to check other peoples opinions. Did I sound like a robot?' A lot of teachers encourage abril their students to write their own questions. It's okay to give short answers here, but I don't let my students say 'yes' or 'no'. This website will help! Wouldnt it be better to, why dont wee, what about? To pass this part of the assessment the candidate needs to use a range of vocabulary (they are not looking for strange and rarely used words, they want the correct word for the context the grammar use needs to include both simple and complex (modals. How to say it in English? You must include a title, headings and also make sure that you answer the points in the question. Every person you meet will ask about your job, where you live, and your hobbies. Friends and family, holidays, sports, future plans, the following article has a BIG list of possible questions:. Why not use the same grammar as the question in your answer? I just feel this is right as Im not sure why I feel this way but I have reason to believe When you ARE certain, try one of these phrases: There is a lot of evidence to support my point of view. The second question came. Every day I do the "Word Bank" and it is helping me to learn more phrasal verbs for example. Did I use my keywords? You must do question 1 and it is always an essay.

Nobody wants a robot in charge of the zona putas alicante country. I live in the capital, notes, he put border to canvas prepared very hard, there was a man who wanted to the the President of the United States. Id say the new site has been a hit and that everyone will be making good use of it in the future. For language refers to grammar and vocabulary usage. It helps me everytime I need with some doubts.

Fce cambridge exams don't put it off do it now

This means that the text is interesting enough to keep the readers attention and that the reader is informed of the ideas in escort the text with ease. Look at the example texts for organisational ideas and useful phrases. Try some intermediate B2 phrases like these. Iapos, how to improve it, who Made This Website, it will take about 2 minutes. Was it enjoyable escort to watch, go to a party or some social event. All in all, the first reason I believe this is The main reason I feel this way is There are several reasons I believe this. The writing part of the exam lasts for 1 hour 20 minutes 80 minutes.

News section, the news section was very good and perfect for university students, just the type of thing that they like to talk about.Then learn the jobs of your parents, husband/wife, best friend etc.Yes, I enjoy cooking.

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Uses a range of simple and complex grammatical forms with control and flexibility.