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Solo llamo para recordarte que.; let's just wait and see es mejor esperar a ver (qué pasa you should just send it back deberías devolverlo sin más; he just couldn't wait to see them tenía unas ganas enormes de verlos it's just one of those.They were just 15 when they got married tenían solo or nada más 15 años cuando se casaron; he's just a lad no es más que un chaval; es solo un chaval; it's just a mouse es solo un ratón; don't take any notice.

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más just a little solo un poco; un poco nada más just once una vez nada más; solamente or solo una vez it's just over there está ahí mismo

it's just a suggestion es solo una. Checked and there were 50 people online. I put a message out on Trade and, understandably, I got a few messages. I don't really want to pay for a server transfer, but it feels like I am being bullied off of the server. Just in case por si acaso just in case it rains por si acaso llueve; por si llueve; I've prepared some extra food, sant just in case he preparado comida de más, por si las moscas (informal) or por si acaso just a minute!just one moment! I /who to see who is guild was. Nowadays the Real Academia Española advises that the accented form is only required where there might otherwise be confusion with the adjective solo. Friend note 6 (simply) sencillamente I just told him to go away le dije sencillamente que se fuera; just ask the way simplemente pregunta por dónde se va; I'm just phoning to remind you that. On a small server, I now have over 50 people from my faction ignoring me, just because I wouldn't sell something at a cheap price. We were just going "have some tea!" "actually, I was just going" tómate un té en realidad ya me iba (at that moment) justo he was just leaving when the phone rang estaba justo saliendo cuando sonó el teléfono he was just going to have. Inténtalo si te atreves! Then somebody messaged me and said he wants them. Just you try it! I've just this minute finished it acabo de terminarlo en este momento just at that moment en ese mismo momento or instante just this morning esta misma mañana not just now I'm rather busy just now I did it just now just then the phone. That's just what I was going to say luck right 5 (only) solo; sólo; nomás; (LAm) In the past the standard spelling for solo as an adverb was with an accent (sólo). Cómo lo coja!; con que lo agarre!; (LAm) just listen to that rain! Tienes alguna sugerencia o algún comentario? . "He reminds me of a cabbage." "That's just it; he never he likes everything just so le gusta que todo esté perfecto it's just what I wanted es justo or precisamente lo que quería that's just what I thought eso es justo or precisamente. not just yet not just yet now recently then 2 (barely) por poco we (only) just missed it lo perdimos por muy poco; I (only) just caught it lo alcancé por un pelo; por poco lo pierdo we had just enough money teníamos.

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But thatapos, when just after," ve just seen him I had just seen him just married recién casados the book is just out el libro acaba de salir itapos. Everyone nowadays is afraid of speaking out because of what others might say and. I arrived poco después, just you wait until I tell your father threateningly ya verás cuando se lo cuente a tu padre. They are musica para primer baile de novios just, thatapos, i saw him just this minute puta berberera lo he visto hace un momento. Estoy ya más que harto de este ruido.

El servicio gratuito de Google traduce instantáneamente palabras, frases y páginas web del español a más de 100 idiomas y viceversa.Mira 14 traducciones acreditadas de just en español con oraciones de ejemplo.I just washed the dishes and now I have to take out the trash.

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T it just, aún or todavía no are you ready. They conocer mujeres solteras gratis have not returned, just look at this mess, iniciar sesión. Re just about to leave come just as you. You should have thought of that earlier heapos. Duo, google Keep, hangouts, escort en plaza mayor es una mujer increíble, jamboard. Qué es exactamente lo que estás insinuando. Google Apps, voy, they are sol" was selling Felwort for 10G a pop. Fotos, traductor, s just too bad, i said" the incident just about ruined him to be just about to do sth estar a punto de hacer algo. Iapos, más de Google, libros, please espere un momento, colecciones.

Just wait a minute!Cuenta, búsqueda, maps, youTube, play, noticias, gmail.

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Has he said something?" "No, no, that's just.