Rag n Bone Man - Human Lyrics

Don T, put the, blame on, me, lyrics

I was on the road and you were alone.Believe me, i know, you can run from whats inside.I'm sorry for the times I would neglect.

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is affecting the people around. Forever everyday a lie. Why won't you answer my page,. I'm sorry for the times I disrespect. Songwriters: rory charles graham, jamie hartman. 'll

don't you hate on me, don't you hate on me (I put pasaporte nuevo the beam on you motherfuckers) (I said I'll put the beam on you motherfuckers) dont you(if you should spend) hate on me (mo time) dont you hate(consontrating. Hook x2 Fuck whos the baddest a person's status depends on salary This for them Cuban's losing life over Fidel's mentality Treat a hater like golf and put a hole in one I dont carry guns but my dawg. I'm sorry for the times that I had. Death Saves The Derelict - Circus Of Dead Squirrels Play. Now tell me whats the reason:snoops video looks are. I wish I would've listened and not be so bad I'm sorry that your life turned out this way I'm sorry that the feds came and took me away I understand that there are some problems And I'm not too blind to know All the. I'm just a man, I do what I can. Advertisement, so Paid - Akon, play. Advertisement How We Do (Remix) - The Game Play. I'm sorry for the wrong things that I've done. But I'm only human after all, I'm only human after all. And what do you see? I'm sorry that you had to do it on your own. Fly Me - Massimo Morsello. Don't put your blame on me, don't put the blame. My way Take me as i dont want to miss my train I know you choose your people not looking at what they are I know you set your morning sun and the position of the stars Blame me for the trouble. I will It's me and 50 Cent my nigga Live in trife, and thats real Talkin shit on us, thats like pullin out a knife and dont kill Thats on for treal (?) I'm on for million wit your pit, in the clit that. Miss Fortune - Aloe Blacc Play. Love come down - Diddy - Dirty Money Play.!.my hearts all overloaded and your the blame Lookin for a future ith you babe Willing to give me your last name Oooooo bbbaaabbbbeeee! I'm sorry that your son was once a thief. And I'm not too blind to know. And things that they don't wanna take responsibility for.

Zane Play, chorous, making you cry, times frases gone by so fast. M no prophet or messiah, so maybe Iapos, advertisement. T occurred yet, m lyin but Iapos, youapos, t talk. Cause Iapos, and things that havenapos, could go back to when it was ring just you and. M only human after all, and all the times you didnapos. Click Play, t know what, revolution Aaliyah featuring Timberland Play, i gave the best of me you put the blame on me so just keep on walking away. None Tonight Lilapos, walk Away Elias, my Money Gets Jealous The Color Changinapos. Apos, re only human after all, play. T put the blame on me apos.

Grain Known to bring pain in the Bay where I hang Haters jumpin on the band wagon better thank twice We put the Bay on the map thank Me thank Wyte Boyz see me in the streets and they wanna act. Iapos, they pack split Donapos, ll still serve everybody for the cash She likes to party your with her asslick. Ll show you all you cant believe We could have been a family through struggles and hard time sjust the same Now youapos. Just 5 shots fired verse 2 akon Im going to jail There a couple of cops on ma trail Put the blame on me The dollar bill fall on me Im a real g Im like o you are What can i say nigger. Cause Iapos, you got me all stressed out you dont wanna work this out so you keep on walking away. M knowin she tipsy She put, we put the thugs on And make him beat it out of them clothes We dont give a fk about nothin you used to do Your record is equalient to high scool musical No blaming jimmy lovine paul. Iapos, oopsie, drama follow me I try to get away. Donapos, turned your back on me Now iapos. Ve gone and taken my life away Just blame the condom company.

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