Westminster Mall ; Westminster, Colorado

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However, I would prefer anything over the nearly vacant building that stands there now.Most stores have been closed and stripped of their branding, but a few are still recognizable. .

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zombie mall, as it is both lurching on past its death, and eerily quiet and dark, like the shopping malls in each iteration of Day of the Dead. Even with the competition, Westminster was holding its own, especially with its new 10 million facelift. . Traildust Steakhouse closed its outparcel, leaving so quickly it forgot to take its signage and décor. . When Mervyns closed in 2005, this was the beginning of the end. . Continue Reading Below, who Was He? These were the glory mientras otros solo hablan de los legins de una puta days of the mall, the early and mid-eighties, and Westminster Mall was a powerhouse, providing jobs and revenue for the burgeoning city of Westminster. Having killed off its competitors, Westminster Mall reigned supreme in Northern Denver through the 1990s. . And we imagine the medal looks like two, brass testicles). Thanks for the inspiration. By this point the second bunker had a clear shot and opened fire, so he ran at them, taking bullets while he did, and killed the four heavily-armed men inside with his bare hands.

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Westminster putas management seems to be mum about what is happening and their website acts as though nothing is wrong showing no photographs. And instead came to the new Westminster. In 1993 May putas D F became Foleys and in 1997 Montgomery Ward opened one of the last Wards in the nation in the mall between Sears and Mervyns. It gets cold and windy, but now the mall seems to detract from the environment rather than add. I was dismayed and saddened by what I found.

Too bad to hear about another dead mall in the Denver area.I went to DU in the late 90s and made it.

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And has no old town or downtown area to menudo speak. Security will stop patrons if they are noticed taking pictures and demand they delete them. Steak Ale went under as its parent company died. Gaining three more anchors, our third Denverarea post comes to us from reader Jacob Doherty. My grandparents local mall, combined with Buckingham Square in Aurora. Combined with the falling fortunes of certain suburbs. But these attempts to bring people in seem pathetic. Like many of the suburbs in the Denver metro area. The city is relatively new, a reference to its center court feature which was a water fountain flanked by four real hot air balloons that rose and fell on air vents.

By 2006, Foleys had become Macys, but Macys looked at the Westminster location, surrounded by closed shops, and the Flatirons location, new and vibrant, and decided that the Westminster location would be closed as they made their recession cuts in 2008. .(mouseover for the photo tags).The most recent news, reported by the Denver Post on April 30, 2009, is that the City of Westminster had Westminster Mall declared blighted, after it was inspected and found to be wanting in a variety of different safety areas. .

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This spooked Westminster management enough to arrange for a 10 million renovation and overhaul, with 7 million contributed by the City of Westminster itself, about the same time Flatirons opened up in all of its glory in 2000. .