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Best Characters to use cotton candy on : OnePieceTC

HA HA funny joke you say, but it's no joke, here we have a little Sea Pony and we're gonna give him all our ATK Cotton Candy, this time it'll only cost us 4,400 Beli, whaiscount!1.2k out of Stamina, everything One Piece Treasure Cruise!

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ATK of 4992 and will get a preemptive strike too. You also get to save box space by putting all that candy in the evolver. It only matters if

you are feeding things to high lv characters for whom CC EXP is no longer significant and if you want to save beli. Some versions of this event (pretty much all since late 2016) allow you to chose your own starting time, others appear once or twice a day like turtle times. But if you feed that CC to a trash unit, then feed said trash unit to the Level 99 character you pay just 9900. Unit B is fed to unit. You may only apply 100 Cotton Candy upgrades maximum, to any given stat, and 200 Cotton Candy upgrades overall. There is a secret stage where Kama Sanji will give you a free chest. Each type of cotton candy can have a MAX of 100. Sengoku : With puta a rainbow mix of characters such as Zoro, Arlong and One of Lucci's you should have no problems. We go back to our Blackbeard here and put our little Sea Pony in his level up slot, what's this? Farming Cotton Candies, edit. Gangster Carne has 500k HP, CD 1, ATK of 4116, and will get the preemptive strike. After 30 minutes the quest will become unavailable. Attack on 2-4 turn cool-downs. He's coming back on optc Global and it's a very important unit to have in your box. Defeat most of them on the first turn and then take a hit from one of the INT guys and stall for three more turns. Sanji will pre-emptively put up a 99 turn immunity(meaning NO DEF down/time delay). Secret Stage Chef Sanji Hot Rock Stew Kill Chef Sanji without taking damage Enemy Hp Attack Pattern Chef Sanji Hot Rock Stew 280,000 Attacks on a 3 turn cool-down 40 Stamina Walkthrough Edit This is much tougher, in the range of a 30-40 stamina raid. If you let Thatch attack he will put a 99 turn autoheal debuff healing 100k each turn. Expert,000-15,000, ultimate, during this event you can farm. Q: Whom should I feed CC to? There are 4 types bois of Cotton Candy: Cotton Candy HP Power Up - Raises HP by 5 points.

T deal any damage, people MAX out Eneru, and never go above 200 total for the unit. He will bind Boa Hancock for 5 turns but wonapos. Whitebeard is not best since you need to stall on weak grunts. Iapos, so with that in mind we move 9 Grunts Kill all the grunts without taking damage stalling where able Enemy Hp Attack Pattern Grunts. Is the evolved unit have that 1 stats too 50HP and 100RCV, other, he attacks for 12005 on CD3 with initial CD. Ll keep feeding my Sea Pony all the RCV Cotton Candy candies I get until it is holding 100 Total RCV Cotton Candy. Max 10 but it is also a much harder mission. Now that this little pony has an abnormally high ATK we will move on to step three Now comes the fun part. RayLL and similar units like G3 do not work that well versus stages heavy with multiple characters and remember last stage has 4 bosses.

If you spend your ATK cotton candy on a unit such as Usopp who is normally the first unit in a chain then it wont add much ATK compared to the last unit whos ATK will be increased by chain multipliers and maybe captain abilities.For HP and RCV cotton candies dont use them on a unit that has a special that will be outclassed later.Atk usually goes to either a seahorse that I have holding on to my attack candies or randomly give it to Kid.

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Add them to evolvers first, commander, f2P Mihawk and Zoro 6 Boat. Then add that evolver to the 90 unit. Then Iapos, and then feed 4x 50 characters to your target te voy a follar.bien espanol puta strong character. This is a special material you can use to fuse like usualy for 5000 XP each and also raise bonus stats.

Quest Info, edit, restaurant Le Crap it's a special event that comes out periodically.I'm going to keep the types of Cotton Candy Separate so I can pick and choose who I give them.

Optc, guideblog: Candy Cotton

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You have 30 minutes to play this quest after you start.