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PUT, phrasal, verbs - English Vocabulary

C) Save (up) money, you should consider putting some money away for your grandchildren each month.I thought Emily put her views on politics across really well during the discussion.

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Can you put the washing out when it stops raining? Mike and his girlfriend were able to put aside their differences because they loved each other. To put

something in a box, drawer etc because you have finished using. Put out that fire before anyone sees were camping here! C) Allow someone to stay for a short time I had nowhere to stay, so my friends agreed to put me up for a couple of nights. B) Send to prison or a mental hospital. We have to put the cat out at night so it doesnt scratch the furniture. Could you put me through to the manager? PUT down TO use or give as an explanation. He put _ 1,000 Euros last month for a new car.?acrossawaybackbydowndown fordown toinin foroffonoutthroughtowardsupup with. Trouble or disturb someone. My professor has agreed to put a good word in for. I know you dont videos prostitutas abuelas like your new school, but youll just have to put up with it for now. C) Formally submit (request, claim, proposal, etc.) Our charity has put in a grant application for additional laptops and printers. What do you put his stubbornness down to? To accept an annoying situation or behaviour. I am sorry to have to put you through this ordeal. They should put her away. B) Assemble, build from separate parts The ikea wardrobe took 4 hours to put together! She put _ his rude behavior for too long. Laura would never steal anything! PUT through connect (have contact) someone by phone. F) Turn on, cause device to start working, play Do you mind if I put the TV on? To ignore or forget something. Extinguish (cigarette, fire etc.). Perhaps a friend put her _ it? ( in the garage). Dont forget to put the lights out when you leave.

There are often several ways of saying the comocerrar same thing. G Suggest someone as a candidate The Democrats have chosen not to put up a candidate in this constituency. Put off, the local council has put through plans to redevelop the city centre. Put towards, convey information During the presentation, c Get dressed. B Hurt or injure usually about the back or joints Johns put his shoulder out playing tennis so he wont be joining us for our match. Put down for, put up with, but youre putting me off. Put down to, put up task B 4a, in English, they still put me answers task. Make out USA and get off UK both meaning to kiss.

What's interesting is that these ten phrasal verbs actually have 18 different meanings - some of them have multiple definitions and uses.After youre done using the dictionary, put it back.(put it in the bookshelf, in the location from which you originally took it).

Phrasal verbs to put

Can you put him down tonight. My girlfriend always puts makeup on before we go out. He put by twenty Euros a week for his fayna vergara escort vacation.

He was put away for 15 years for armed robbery.I really dont want John to come to our wedding.E) Score a goal (informal) Ronaldo skinned the keeper and put it away in the 91st minute!

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I want to put up to/put up/put down some shelves this weekend.