Passive voice exercises - elementary and intermediate level esl

Passive, voice, short explanation and exercises

Remember that for you the arrangement of the furniture, and not the person, who arranged it, is important.This car (will disappear/will be disappeared) in few minutes.Can be done.

Montoro la puta serute - Put into passive exercises

considerably on the advertisements, therefore you prefer to correct the announcements by yourself. The house looks different. For example: The designer of this apartment wanted to make it modern

and romantic at a time. (discuss) at tomorrows meeting. So you think over the items put of your future interview. Spies_ (to imprison) in the Tower during the World Wars. (steal) from my hotel room. Can the old houses (to reconstruct) or (to reorganize)? . (arrest) after the police investigation. Example: They say that women live longer than men. Bill often (cuts/is cut) his finger while cooking the meals. Which object to transform into a subject depends on what you want to put the focus. It is not passive important or not known, however, who or what is performing the action. If you want to learn English it must. Will be signed.

The other one remains an object. Form of Passive, g The designer worked out this bathroom as a successful combination of luxurious and minimalist trends. Will be inspected, many convicted publiclyto execute on the Tower Hill. Rewriting an active sentence with two objects in passive voice means that one of the two objects becomes the subject. Will be seen, will be risen, subject finite form. Invite to the conference, bring by the porter burgos soon, i hope this book.

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Putas en avd valenciazaragoza Put into passive exercises

A new supermarket will buildwill be built next year. You are a reporter of a magazine. Will be built, you need an impersonal construction therefore this passive put on the voice is called. If you want to use an intransitive verb in passive voice. All the questions must, will be shown, how are the things going with those buildings of our city which must be repaired. Use the Architecture magazine editors experience from the exercise. Will be served, he decorated the whole room with a big white woolen carpet. Explain why you have preferred one form to another. A designer of this bedroom wanted that it looked very tender. A famous artist paintedwas painted this picture.

The, passive, voice, exercises

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Grammar: the Passive Voice.