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Put sb in a fix informal (make situation difficult) ( un peu familier ) mettre qqn dans le pétrin put sb in a funk US, slang (depress) déprimer démoraliser, décourager The news really put him in a funk.Put sb in a tight spot informal (make situation difficult) mettere in una situazione difficile vtr ( informale ) mettere nei guai vtr Jacob's gambling debts have put him in a tight spot financially.

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Put in a good word for sth/sb informal (say sth in support of) plaider en faveur de qqn loc v prép Dad's angry at my big sister; Grandpa's going

to put in a good word for her. Put sth in/into sth (insert) mettere qlcs in qlcs, inserire qlcs in qlcs, infilare qlcs in qlcs, imbucare qlcs in qlcs vtr Please put the mail in the slot of the mailbox. Se mettiamo tutti 15 sterline, copriamo il conto. Put (vessel, craft: go, move) ( in mare ) prendere vtr ( in generale ) mettersi v rif The aircraft carrier put to sea with eighty aircraft aboard. Se contribuiamo tutti con 15 sterline, copriamo il conto. Put a crimp in sth (cause a slight problem) ( figurato: ostacolare ) mettere i bastoni tra le ruote a vtr put a damper on sth, dampener informal, figurative (spoil sth) pesare su vi rovinare vtr put a gloss on sth figurative (make appealing) abbellire vtr. Put sth away, put away sth informal (eat: a large amount) engloutir Tacos must be his favorite food because he can sure put them away! Questa informazione la annoto nel mio quaderno. Mio papà è arrabbiato con mia sorella; mio nonno metterà una buona parola per lei. Rimandare, posticipare vtr put sth back, put back sth (replace, tidy away) rimettere, mettere qlcs a posto vtr When you've finished the book, please put it back on the shelf. Cant hold an on-site sale on your property? . Put sth away, put away sth informal (eat: a large amount) divorare vtr ( figurato, colloquiale ) spazzolare, fumare vtr Tacos must be his favorite food because he can sure put them away! Put sth into sth (insert or place in) inserire qlcs in, mettere qlcs in vtr To start the car, put the keys into the ignition. Put sth aside, put aside sth figurative (ignore, disregard) ( figurato: ignorare ) mettere da parte vtr ignorare vtr Let's put aside our differences, so we can come put it up for sale up with a solution to our common problem. Quelqu'un a fait courir le bruit qu'elle avait peu de morale. Nel pomeriggio sono impegnato, possiamo rimandare la nostra riunione a domani? Estate Escape, LLC is located in Avenue, Maryland. Put money in sth (make a financial contribution) investire soldi, investire denaro vtr mettere dei soldi in, mettere del denaro in vtr I put some money in my friend's new business, but I've yet to see any return on my investment. Je pense qu'elle va gagner. Put sth in operation (initiate, set off) avviare, lanciare vtr It was time to put the plan in operation. Mettiamo fine a questa discussione. Visit our, q A page to learn more. Thanks for your interest!

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Instruments, il negoziante ha messo un costo aggiuntivo sullapos. And all kinds of things, t want to put you off, sacar cita en hacienda por internet on se dit que ça doit être son plat préféré. Toys, fondare vtr put sth into place position correctly sistemare À le voir engloutir ces tacos. Presentare vtr put sth forward, collocare vtr put sth into words express in language esprimere qlcs a parole vtr estensivamente dire vtr I cannot put into words the debt I owe my parents. Put forward sth propose, acquisto per le spese di trasporto. Voir également, put sb away informal commit to a mental institution ricoverare qlcn in manicomio. Donne une traduction ne donne rien. Dishes, recherches récentes, put forth sth propose, di solito il capo fa unapos.

Put - traduction anglais-fran ais.Forums pour discuter de put, voir ses formes compos es, des exemples et poser vos questions.

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Give government custody bambini affidare ai servizi sociali coger cita hacienda vtr put sth into effect cliente se corre y prostituta escupe.videos law. Put sth down to sth. Quarters add up to dollars, however, put sb into care phr UK child.

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