Steps to put in verbs into gaps in sentences and

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They are now in England.Larry was in the park.

Contactos por internet gratis, Put these sentences in questions. Frases reflexivas para jovenes

are also borrowed overnight two hours before the library closes. If I borrow a book from the Short Loan Collection on Friday night and return it at.m. Look at

the pictures. He doesn't por work at the hospital. A lot of women are not interested in football. These books are used inside the library. He doesn't play with his friends. Fill in the auxiliary will into the first gap and not and the infinitive of the verb rain into the second gap. f . In England they buy presently and Christmas trees before Christmas and in Russia too. Why are they at home? Listen, read and answer the questions. Why is she sad? B) What mujeres could my friend do when he was ten? These vegetables are good for you. Why will Betsy tell about Robin later? Rosy and Mark are interested in football. Check your online search results and say:. .

d Homework, i contactos Question go on with, peter notto play football every day 8 no go on with. Which of these books are available at the moment. Advertisements, correct the false statements, peter often to music play football, sample sentence.

Conditional sentences -.Steps to put in verbs into gaps in sentences and questions.Present Simple questions - write yes or no questions.

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She was interested in horse riding some years ago..

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Use do or does in the Simple Present did in the Simple Past 7) Is the statement or the question negative?