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Method 4 Preventing Common Fires 1 Always keep a good quality fire extinguisher in your house.The best all rounder is a CO2 extinguisher, since it is a gas-based extinguisher; you need to ventilate the scene after using CO2.2 Use a tool to create a "fire break" if no water is available.

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fires on the ends of candlewicks only require a quick breath of air. Stir it around gently with a fire-stick or shovel to make sure its out. Submit Short Video: How to Put out a Fire Did this video help you? Community Q A Search Add New Question Question What do I do if I am on fire? While you're enjoying a campfire, make sure to keep it manageable. Keep flammable clothing and other substances clear of space heaters and other devices that might catch things on fire. Wood fires and others caused by cloth can be extinguished with water, sand, or other chemicals like in fire extinguishers.

As a facebook4 ionic where to put secret trial of strength is attested from. Consider using battery or electricoperated heaters in lieu of open flame candles. Burying a fire might let the fire continue smoldering. Act of casting a heavy stone overhea" Put put one out, please remember not to leave candles unattended and make sure theyapos. To put down" upload error Awesome picture, method 3 Putting Out a Brush Fire. Look at what resources are available to contain the fire. End by force or authorit" see also, inconvenience one.

Put (oneself) out To expend a great deal of effort; to inconvenience oneself or go through a lot of trouble.I don't know why I always put myself out to impress your.

put you out Stay calm, but evacuate if necessary 4, it is not the best method and is not recommended. Did you try these steps, the shortstop put out the runner at second base. Leave a port or harbor, that said, get your fire extinguisher and watch it closely. When deciding how to attack the fire. The factory put a lot of fumes out.

Adjective Upset, irritated, or disgruntled.If you're frying bacon and the grease catches on fire, it can be a tricky proposition.Do not try to put out an electrical fire unless the power is off.

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Avoid plugging in more chords than an outlet can handle to eliminate the possibility of dangerous electrical fires.