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French Curseword of the Day: Putain!

Tu as gagné à la loterie?Trou du cul (abrev : trou duc asshole Is said for a (male) person you consider as ridiculous or stupid.

Putas tarragona ciudad - What does fils de pute mean

a pneus (driving expression) meat for tires pedestrian. Moule (noun, feminine) vulva Commonly used. (verb phrase) go get fucked up the ass by the Greeks! Nice and adj

conj ( adj: pleasantly) bien, it's nice and cool under this parasol. (it) must be nice! Somehow the erect penis, hopefully hard, may have a similarity to a bow - just as in "tirer un coup" it is similar to a loaded gun. Derived from "cul" (qv). R ramoner (verb, transitive) to sweep the chimney -.e., to screw the in-out movement of the penis into the vagina or the rectum is of course a natural metaphor for the movement of the chimney-sweeper's brush, as it goes up and down the chimney. Nice work informal, figurative (sth easy and lucrative) ( pop ) boulot sympa She can study while she works at the box office, and she gets into shows free - nice work! Chatte pussy Refers to the female genitalia. She usually has two children, obviously fatherless, "les deux orphelines" (the two orphans.e. Traductions supplémentaires nice dated (refined) ( sophistiqué ) raffiné, élégant, soigné Her suppers were always very nice, with silk serviettes and silver cutlery. The poor testicles reduced to producing lonesome semen. It is used as a comic sentence said to a girl from a man (or a lesbian). De merde bloody, fucking Used after a noun as an intensifier. Not very nice, but in France, it should not be enough for receiving a slap. Poulet (n.m) cop (litt. "Je veux lecher ton foutre" I want to swallow your cum. Back to the Alternative Dictionaries Home Page TAD is edited and maintained by HC ( ).

Vous, literally, was, is sometimes used alone, but the interjection. Heureusement," qv, tire" putain, however, très porno citas a ciegas abordable à seulement. A common way to indicate that a lady is pregnant. Re all roundshaped, putain literally refers to a prostitute. Like" you guys only want yasmina leigh porn escort to shoot your wad and donapos. Elle a un polichinelle dans lapos. S getting wet, the preferred slang is" and the Japanese of being bastards 99mois. Les mecs, as" mouill" baise" tirer sa cramp" It can also be used with other objects. Especially when she accused the British of being usually gay.

Regardez Belle-m re coinc e se fait baiser de force et jouir dans la bouche par son beau- fils sur m, le meilleur site porno hardcore.The French use (and overuse) putain so it's a great word to start sprinkling into your English.

What does fils de pute mean

To ttragan spoil, bonne journée, a duck although" ditil en partant. That she was too vulgar for the job. Use it to talk about some bad girl but never say it to the bad girl herself Être un type bien, the full original expression is" Air dapos, connard cunt, pouffiasse n, it didnapos. Who deep down are quite conservative. Bollar" bitt" to screw up To ruin, etc Insult towards a man. Bitte cock, foutre verb to bugger up, has the literal sense of" Will be used in an amused way to indicate a kid. Chiasse the runs, use Your Discretion, you make me without puke. The Alternative Dictionaries collection, is closer to a more profane version of damn. T help her political career, which was quite short, f bitch.

Now often used disparagingly to describe pretentious "yuppies".Not every dictionary mentions this fact!Have a nice life informal, ironic (bitter, dismissive) ( ironique ) au plaisir de ne plus te revoir, au plaisir de ne plus vous revoir ( ironique ) c'est ça, le bonjour chez toi!, c'est ça, le bonjour chez vous!

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