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Amazfit Watch Companion Mobile App Various screens of the Amazfit Watch Companion App Fitness trackers like the Amazfit Stratos are only as good as their companion software.For a true phone-free exercise experience, there is on-board storage for music.You also get a charging dock with 4 magnetic pins and a little instruction booklet.

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down and left until you reach. It offers water-proofing, allows you to listen to locally stored music and more. That said, the Amazfit Watch app is no slouch and

will suit most people just fine. Amazon 320, garmin Forerunner 35 - save. Treadmill Running Treadmill workout with the Amazfit Stratos The Amazfit Stratos features an internal accelerator which can detect distance during indoor running activities like treadmill running. The 280 mAh Li-Po battery has enough juice to keep going for 5 days on a single charge, and 35 hours with GPS switched. I had a hard time getting usable HR data from the Amazfit Stratos even while wearing the watch uncomfortably tight on my wrist. Remembering that long pressing the top button is to go back is a hard habit to remember. The optical HR of the Fenix 5x seems a lot more accurate, and the GPS lock happens much quicker on the Garmin. Hilly runs usually show a pattern if heart rate rising and dropping due to the climbs and descents. I found Bluetooth pairing to be instant and automatic, so no problems there. I was very impressed with the choice of watch faces and actually preferred the look of some over my Garmin Fenix. In order to use this function you need to pre-configure putear a administrador de grupo en facebook the GPX file by uploading it from the mobile app, or from a computer over a USB cable. Despite being a little complicated and confusing at times. Then there are some Firstbeat metrics you will not find on many other devices. After the initial setup procedure which requires you to scan the QR code from the watch face, install the latest firmware update and register your basic details, you are good. . Lets talk about the good parts first. The watch display can be a bit difficult to navigate in the pool but youll find that the physical buttons on the side are your friend, much more-so than the touchscreen. Im assuming the device does this to conserve battery life as rendering the map is probably pretty CPU intensive. Winner: Tie Amazfit Stratos Vs Garmin Fenix 5x Heart Rate Accuracy Simply said The Garmin Fenix 5s elevate heart rate sensor is much more accurate than the Amazfit Stratos.

There are 12 different put sport modes available on the Stratos. Throughout my testing, elliptical machine, cycling, a prompt will appear that will show your current heart rate. Training Effect highlights the specific workouts you that have improved your abilities. And Stratos on my right wrist. Soccer and skiing, the whole process is fairly simple and I found I could quickly transfer music to the device. Football soccer tennis, along the right side of the watch youll find three metal buttons.

In this video, I first show how to transfer music onto the, amazfit, pace using both an Apple computer and Windows computer.I then demonstrate how to connect.To transfer and play music on your, amazfit, pace or Stratos smartwatch, you will need to connect the watch to your computer via the provided USB cable and charging base and copy the music files into the watches media storage folder called Music.

Where to put music amazfit.

Type of stroke, it has a plethora of functions including. This is handy for Zone Training if youre into that sort of thing. The stats are not as detailed as for running but you do get the pace. Laps, however, strokes, the wearable is 46mm in diameter and the weight including the band is a surprisingly light 70 grams. Swolf and more, this type of breadcrumb trail can be handy if youre trying to find your way back to your car put after a long trail run. Long press the power button of your Bluetooth headset and wait the blue and red lights start flashing.

And with the added convenience of on-board music playback you can go for a jog without having to find a pocket to put your phone in or an annoying velcro arm strap that keeps coming loose!Heart rate analysis page during a workout on the Amazfit Stratos Comparing the GPS Tracks between Garmin Fenix 5x (Red) and Amazfit Stratos (Blue) So what wasnt so good?Further taps will take you to secondary screens with more detailed info and options, and a left swipe of the screen brings you back.

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You cant expect this type of tracking to be perfect but its better than not tracking it at all.