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Before and after: Be inspired by this clean extension addition a modern boot room.A well planned room can turn household chores into.With an ever-increasing number of appliances and gadgets in our kitchens, having a separate space to store them, as well as somewhere to carry out tasks such as the laundry, makes sense, says Matthew Franklin, senior chartered architect at etc Design Ltd.

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open your linen cupboard? If you have the room to convert unused space into a large utility off the kitchen, its worth including laundry, food prep and storage areas.

The humble yet hard-working utility room is often over-looked when decorating. A food prep area by John Lewis of Hungerford (Image: John Lewis of Hungerford) Creating a laundry room Save room with a washer/dryer or stack your tumble dryer over your washing machine. wellies, hoover, iron board, seedlings in propagator, vases, tupperware). Tall cupboards can hide mops, brushes, an ironing board and the vacuum cleaner. Not much space in front, so to access it I'd have to stand in the doorway, blocking the corridor. It makes sense to have your utility as close to the kitchen as possible, as it is more convenient and less expensive for the utilities to be connected, but there is no hard and fast rule. Utility rooms are now often seen as an essential element for a modern family home, he adds. Underfloor heating will help dry your washing without taking up wall space. Designing a utility room Whether youre adding a utility as part of an extension or youre converting an existing area of your property, its easier and more cost effective to build it near to already existed drainage and ventilation. You wont want a utility space spoiling a view to the garden, for instance, but you might like it to have an entrance to your garden, which means your utility will need to be on an external wall. Laundry room by Ikea (Image: Ikea) put these sentences in questions Matthew adds, Utility spaces should be uncluttered, functional rooms, with easy-to-clean worktops and as much storage space as is possible. These baskets for everyone's clean laundry shoe polish, candles, party stuff, kids carft stuff, dryer, boiler, hoover, ironing board, recycling box, kitchen gadgets that never get used (fish kettle anyone? A robust worktop and floor: Invest in hardwearing kitchen flooring to withstand wear and tear and heavy duty worktops, especially if the space is to be used for food preparation, as well as household tasks. Small utility room ideas, even the smallest utility room can be smart, chic and efficient. Do you have space in the garden for a shed or garden room that could be used as an external utility? As long as fitting a utility room into your home doesn't compromise your kitchen or bathroom too much, doing so should add value and if not, desirability to your home. Consider the practicality of the worktops and the internal layout of the cupboards you may need shelf space for upright vacuum cleaners, mops and brushes, for example, as these need to be housed in tall cupboards. You may also wish to consider choosing handle-less styles with integrated appliances for smaller utility spaces to give a seamless look. The cost of running all this into a new spot in a house can add up quickly. A large, well thought out kitchen will always add more value to your home than a utility room. Laundry room by Cue Co of London (Image: Cue Co) If you are extending your home, always think about your utility room as subordinate to the kitchen. If you're redesigning your kitchen from scratch, or perhaps planning a kitchen extension, consider incorporating a utility room (however small or large more and more a standard requirement in a modern home, just as an en suite bathroom or downstairs cloakroom. When this couple extended the rear of their property, certain restrictions meant that as well as the open-plan kitchen diner. Consider glazed doors or rooflights, too. Do you need an ironing space and a laundry chute from the first floor. If the under stair cupboard is used as a dumping ground, measure it up and consider stacking your washing machine and dryer (find tons of under stair solutions in our feature). Clean your washing machine with our top tips for killing germs, banishing bad odours and preventing limescale build. Cons: Doing laundry takes up space. Could you wall off a portion of the garage to fit your washer, dryer and a fridge?

Is it a place for a washing machine and dryer. Video, a local puta joiner could fit out the space on a budget and incorporate appliances and white goods that you already own. And it would save all the trips up and downstairs with dirty washing. Who says a utility room cant be as stylish as it is practical.

Or looking at utility room units for.How to Plan the Perfect Utility Room.

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where to put the utility room Whatever your intentions for the space. A small shower for hosing down is a popular addition. Expect to pay from 2, where to put the utility room if you live alone, could you incorporate the appliances from your utility room into your new kitchen design see below. Alternatively, the utility will quickly become the overflow room. Traditional utility room pictures, so allow for more storage at planning stage than you think youll need open shelves are the most efficient option.

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If the machines are stacked in a closet, the question becomes, where will you put the soap, fold the clean clothes and sort the laundry?If your hallway and bedrooms are on a floor other than the main floor, where you spend the bulk of your time, consider how often youll need to go up and down the stairs to sort and load the laundry.A cheaper and more flexible solution would be to buy freestanding or flat-pack furniture and fit the units yourself for just a few hundred pounds.

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