The exam was so difficult

Put off me studying

Read more This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.B) Raise the price or value of something Supermarkets have put their prices up The Bank of England has decided to put up interest rates.Can you put the washing out when it stops raining?

Fotos de putas cagando, You put me off studiying english. Carla escort en santiago

up some posters in the window of your cafe? I want to put up to/put up/put down some shelves this weekend. B) Hurt or injure (usually about the back

or joints) Johns put his shoulder out playing tennis so he wont be joining us for our match. The local council has put through plans to redevelop the city centre. (Elected) g) Stop at a putas port (about a ship) The tall ships put in at Cape Town on their 1000 mile voyage. Put your heads together. I always put aside my best suit for special occasions. Must I learn this long and boring poem by heart? Please dont put yourself out just because Im coming to visit! B) Change the time on a clock to a later time The school children put the clock forward so the lesson would finish earlier. Share it with friends! G) Suggest someone as a candidate The Democrats have chosen not to put up a candidate in this constituency. Would you mind putting _ your cigarette? Id be happy to donate! I wouldve gone into medicine, but was put off by the long hours. Michelle put on pink socks. Can you give me a hand? Bear in mind that phrasal verbs can have unexpected slang meanings! The results of the experiments are put down in the journal. Have you learn all new expressions and words? Can you put it through by Friday? I had to put in an extra 3 hours today to cover for an absent colleague. PUT towards Use an amount of money to cover part of the cost of something If you give Rob some money for his birthday, hell put it towards a new mountain bike. XVI put off on smth. They should put her away. It has all my favourite 80s tracks! B) Gain weight Davids put on a few pounds over Christmas, hasnt he? Remember to download your free copy of this guide to use anytime! H) Raise hand If you know the answer, please put up your hand.

You put me off studiying english

Please, when we say put down about a baby. They can put off the court date. Dont put one's ideas across put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Create extra work for I can easily stay at a hotel. We say take off, instead, pUT UP a Build or erect Were planning to put up a new shed at the bottom of our garden. D Interrupt Why dont we just postpone the project. Put the kettle on and well have a nice cup of tea. Paul puts away his pen and went to the garden.

I know you dont like your new school. I have put out my hand, b Make someone do something difficult Ive put myself through a tough week of training in preparation for the marathon. He put himself across really well. Parents put too much pressure on their kids to prostituta perform well at school. C Compile, make a down payment Rob and Lucy have put down. Create from separate items Weve put together a set of simple rules to help staff keep the office tidy. PUT BY Save up money I try to put a fiver 5 by each week to give to charity. Then I can put it a new laptop. Smth, xxvi put off smb, e Leave a deposit, it put me back.

Ive put this CD together for you.How many students study English in your class?

She's put off studying for the final exam WordReference Forums

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Even though my parents were poor, they still put me _ answers task A: put up with, put down to, put back, put off, put up task B: 1/c, 2/e, 3/d, 4/a, 5/b task C: put out, put towards, put down for, put.